Increase in Farmer's suicide in recent years..

@subathra (3519)
September 22, 2007 12:14am CST
The dailies reveal suicide went up after 2006 in India. Though government has provided fat package for the improvement and development of farmers for the year 2006.It appears, it had not reach properly to the farmers and it seems the scheme not worked out. Why this happens? 1. Taking loan from bank or loan from individuals a farmer cultivates his fields. 2. Cost of production is more than selling rate 3. crops become failure due to lack of supply of water 4.Crops get destroyed on account of flood water The main reason has to why he gets frustration is that he does not get good price for his products.The government has not done anything for him to get fair prices for his toil.It is very very unfortunate that the farmer takes a decision to end his life being frustrated and lack of confidence.He is forced from different directions.the bank demands payment with interest the loan giver threatens him to pay back his loan.Since he has no other source of income other than the income he gets from cultivation.He takes this extreme step of ending his life leaving standed his wife and children. Will the government realise why farmer' s end thier life in this manner? Is this the same sort of story happening in other countries also?
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@yanstill (1490)
• China
23 Sep 07
i am really sorry to hear about this. every country needs farmers,or we will have nothing to eat and nothing to wear,this is basic things of our life. but farmers live a different life from many other people,they are hardworking,but they get less.many students now in China dont want to be a farmer,i think it's a pity.if we can use new technology on our agriculture,maybe things will be different,or if government paid more attention to farmers,care more about them,everything will change. i saw many pictures of farmers of China,shocked about those pictures,i hope one day we can get rid of poverty,just like other career,farmer is a respectable career for me.
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@Valce1 (173)
• Canada
22 Sep 07
Something should be done... but what?
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@cupid74 (11388)
• Pakistan
22 Sep 07
Dear Subathra, its not worse in Pakistan and dont heard such news but sure they must be taken care and encouraged, otherwise they will start leaving this profession then who will do all Cultivation Will it not result in starvation/shortage then Government must take proper action and support them and facilitiate them. like in USA and other states wish u best of Luck
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