What should we do?- About net game topic.

@mari123 (1862)
September 22, 2007 2:42am CST
At no moment in history has the issue of the net game been a more common occurrence than now. More often than not,a lot of children play net games in family.The same is true of adults.The reasons for this phenomenon can be listed as follows.One is that with the rapid development of net games in china,more and more games produced by Games corporation.Another important reason lies in the computer which through into our family in recent years.Obviously,net game incur a lot of disturbing effects.Undoubtedly your purse will suffer if you still play net games.Accordingly,it is a waste of money.What's worse,you can easily find cases of the fatal harmfulness of games. Therefore,it is high time we took some actions to fight against net games. As for the government,they should effectily enforce net game's law.Meanwhile,we student should obtain the sense of refuse it and also join the campaign. In brief, a healthy games enviroment depends on everyone's effert and in turn,everyone will benefit from it. So what do you think about net games?
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