for those who are fun of ball games...what is the relation of it to momentum

September 22, 2007 3:45am CST
how does momentum and impulse relate to ball games? thanks...
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@stvasile (7313)
• Romania
24 Sep 07
I'm afraid I can't remember all the relations from high school... But I think I can still say a few things. Of what I remember, momentum is the mass of an object multiplied by its velocity. So let's say you are kicking the ball in football. When you kick the ball you transfer the foot's momentum to the ball's momentum. If m1 is the foot's mass and v1 its velocity, and m2 is the ball's mass and v2 the ball's velocity, by applying the Momentum Conservation law, m1*v1 = m2*v2. This way, by knowing the foot and the ball masses and the foot velocity, you can find out the velocity the ball will have after kicking it: v2=(m1*v1)/m2
4 Oct 07
Every thing in real life obeys certain laws of physics, law of momentum conservation is one of the universal laws! So if you want a ball game then what you simply have to do is to conserve momentum i.e the total momentum of the system before collision must be equal to total momentum of system after collision! So if you have a system of two balls, of same mass, one at rest and other moving with velocity "v", then before collision the net momentum of system is the momentum of first ball = mv, while when collision happens the whole momentum is transfered to second ball, as a result first come to rest and other moves away with momentum "mv" The above example is a simple example of a linear collision that is the collision in which the two colliding bodies do not make any angle with each other, while is the collision is not linear, then momentum has to conserved in x and y direction separately via vector analysis! For programming stuff