What is it like to have a drug addict for a mother?

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United States
September 22, 2007 10:55pm CST
I have been working with a client lately and she is a crack addict. She is on it really bad; so bad to the point that all her kids except for the two oldest were born crack babies. Well, she moved here from California and as I got to know her and some of her family members I learned that she has been on it for sixteen years now. This is the issue what should I recommend for the children? They never get to see her anymore because of her addiction problem. What happend was that when the last baby she had was born they took it from her because it was born when she was only four months pregnant weighing one pound. They asked the social workers to come in have a talk with her and let her know that she would have to enter a drug treatment or her kids would be taken by the state. She went and almost completed the program then the week before her graduation she relapsed. Her sisters and brothers didn't want to see the children in foster care so they took them in to their own homes to care for them. She has not gone back to a treatment center since then. She really doesn't care. I work with the children and they have begged me to do whatever I can to get her to go back to the treatment center, but she refuses. She doesn't even visit with them down at the social services office anymore. What are some things that I can do to help these kids to slowly move on and understand the situation at hand? I don't want them to worry themselves sick any longer about the situation. They are so worried about their mother that they can't even function properly in school like they should, they don't want to be around other children much because they feel very distant as if they are singled out because of their mothers addiction. Please someone give me some incite as what I can do to help this family to overcome the pain that they are enduring.
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