Did you dream last night?

@nyumix (1659)
September 23, 2007 1:47am CST
Hi mylotters, I just start my day here with opening mylot website. Did you have a good dream last night? I had a dream too. In my dream I visit my parents and I was so happy.Maybe because it was long time ago since I met them so I'm thinking about them a lot this time. I hope I can visit them as soon as possible. How about you? What was your dream about last night?
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• Philippines
23 Sep 07
I rarely remember my dreams but last night, I did have a dream. I saw my friend in this dream. He is wearing a white shirt and he is in pajamas. He is handing over trays of food and I do not know to whom he is giving them. I told him about it when we talked today. Anyway,if you are interested to know about the meaning of dreams, please visit this site http://dreamauthority.blogspot.com
@nyumix (1659)
• Belgium
23 Sep 07
I would like to check the site that you gave before, hope I can find what's the meaning of my dreams. Thanks a lot.
@m_5ugar (1013)
• Malaysia
23 Sep 07
I don't dream last night.
• India
23 Sep 07
I had a very restless sleep last night.I had a few visions or dreams last night. I am a huge fan of cricket and I have been folllowing T20 world cup. I am a fan of India team and after India beat Australia and I went to sleep I dreamt of them beating Pakistan in the final and winning the world cup. I was ecstatic and very happy about it.