goths, emos, chavs

September 23, 2007 4:09am CST
who has a problem with goths? and emos? and chavs? i don't really have a problem with goths and emos. i don't mind chavs. it's just really hard for me to get along with them. some people have a problem with goths and emo's. but i don't know why. if anyone hates goths then can u let me know why?
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24 Sep 07
i have no problems with emos and goth's. i know that some people have a serious problem with them. i dunno why. i mean if it was me i would let them do whatever they wanted. i have nothing against them. i've heard the chavs hate emo's and goths. i really find some chavs to be really rude even though i have nothing against them i still find them extremly rude.