do you like to drink from a mug?

mug - cute
@unuzzz (1273)
September 23, 2007 5:05am CST
i do ^^ it's really nice to have a drink from it the bigger the mug, the more pleasant for me^^ i have one big favorite mug in my house actually it is a free-gift for shopping at a supermarket near here hehee LOL it's not a cute mug actually, its color is white and you can find the supermarket's store on it ^^ some people i know don't use glass or mug and they just drink right from the bottle do you enjoy big mug too?
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• United States
23 Oct 07
The only time I drink from a mug is in the morning with my coffee...I like big mugs also..most of mine family and friends got me because they have eeyore on them...
@MGjhaud (21956)
• Philippines
23 Sep 07
yes. every morning i drink my coffee and i don't use any other glass but my mug. even if im not drinking coffee, even if im just drinking water -- i still use my mug. i don't know i like using my mug. i also like buying good lookin' mugs.
@ailema4ever (2668)
• Finland
23 Sep 07
I LOVE big mugs, because I spend a lot of time in front of the computer, so I dislike going back and forth to get some water from the tap he he he he...Yeah, I'm lazy sometimes. It just sucks when I reach for my mug when I'm thirsty and then there's no water left there, so I have to get up and get more. I never really drink water from bottles 'coz here in Finland you can drink water from taps.