yahoo web messenger

September 24, 2007 3:27am CST
do you use yahoo web messenger? how do you like it?
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@farazkh1 (1153)
• Pakistan
2 Oct 07
Yes i did, and its fun but i think Yahoo!Im is better to use ........
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@Jemina (5770)
3 Oct 07
yes, Yahoo IM is so much better. However, Yahoo Web is useful and helpful when you use an internet cafe or library internet that does not allow you to download YM. I think the main purpose for web messenger is to have an option when the YM is not available.
@ailema4ever (2668)
• Finland
28 Sep 07
I LOVE it 'coz I use yahoo mail, too, and YM would let me know when new mails come, so I don't have to keep on checking it up and the finding out that there's no new mail he he he he... I also love it 'coz most of my closest friends use it. Now that I live far away from them, it's VERY VERY useful. ;-D I also love it 'coz I can listen to lots of songs at Yahoo Music Launch Cast. SPLENDID Plug-in! ;-D
28 Sep 07
yeah me too,
@diansinta (7544)
• Indonesia
1 Jun 08
I love yahoo messenger. I use it to chat with my brother at another city i live. It is cheaper than have to call by phone.
@aries_0325 (3060)
• Philippines
4 Jan 08
Yes, I am using a yahoo web messenger. It is better than MSN. For me, I will choose Yahoo Messenger because Yahoo messenger have a lot of good features rather than MSN. It is more user friendly messenger and a lot of people using it. And all of my friend using it. And you can share all about the stuff you want when you are using Yahoo Messenger.
@palawena (44)
• Philippines
12 Mar 08
Yahoo web messenger allows us to chat with our friends in the absence of yahoo messenger. I use it when I can't log in to yahoo messenger and it's good enough actually. It even shows your offline messages. The only thing is that you can't use webcam, audibles, and voice chat. But I like it.
• Sri Lanka
2 Nov 08
yahoo messenger we use to find new friends & chat them i think this yahoo messenger is the best way of the meet new friends
@Jemina (5770)
27 Sep 07
yahoo web messenger - A new messenger that let's you send and receive IM in our browser.
Yahoo web messenger is a great help especially if you're using an internet in the library where you can't download a messenger. Yahoo web messenger comes in handy because you don't have to download it. Also you can chat from your mailbox if you are using a beta version. However, it does not have all the cool features as YM does like webcam, audibles, IMV and the likes.