fraternity's are really bad?

@condom (19)
September 24, 2007 11:45pm CST
for me fraternity is not bad as wat i have obvserved becuase i am also a fratmen..for me fraternity can help with others for example of these are they can build thier own projects such as trashcans repaint of the waiting shed,clean and green projects, and they can help in any town or baranggay if only the baranggay official can cooperate withthem but the prob is they look down the fraternity and if ever there is a trouble they always said that becuase of fraternity even if others do and also the media they are the same with the official
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@yoursash (10)
• United States
9 Dec 07
It depends on the fraternity you join. There are a lot of great fraternities out there that make a big difference in the world. They organize philanthropy events, tutor high school students, and contribute to making the college community around them a great place. I think they do a lot individually and as a whole during their four years before graduation. But just like good things, there are also 'bad' ones or not so serious groups. - chris