how could this happen to me-a one day wonder cat?

September 25, 2007 4:35am CST
this hapeened to me today.2 days back i got a kitten as apresent. unknowingly a dog has come and bitten its after allthe medications others tell me it will not live.i am not able to recover from this. now my sis inlaw took the cat away this morn and gave it to some care takers of animals(CUPA).now i am alone helpme what is the way out?
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• United States
25 Sep 07
I am so sorry but can only tell you what I would do. First, if your heart says its right, go to the CUPA people and get your kitten back. I have had more than one cat who the vet told me would not live who did survive whatever the problem was and live a long full life. not all, but more than one. I took them home and prayed and put them into the hands of my Goddess. If she would take them, they would die with me, not alone. Only the maker of us all determines this unless humans intervene. If you cannot for whatever reason do this, you should geieve the loss of your loved friend for a few days. Get that pain out. Love for an animal is no less precious than love for a person. Then seaarch your heart, you may find that you want to adopt another cat. Heaven knows there are multitudes of kitties who need and deserve a loving home. I have owned cats all my life. I find my home and life somehow emptier without a furry catbaby. So when I lose one, it is usually only a week or two before I know I must find another.
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@Aurone (4757)
• United States
25 Sep 07
I agree with catkisses. Very nice response.
@williamjisir (22882)
• China
25 Sep 07
I think that it is because that dog is not friendly to the poor cat that made him bite the kitten. I hope that there is no problem for the cat to get well soon from the dog's bite. Don't be sad, ssf. I think that you can get another kitten from one of your sister-in-law or your relatives or friends if you do love kittens.