Who has the moon?

United States
September 25, 2007 8:19am CST
I was thinking if we ever colonize the Moon who will it belong to England Russia Usa? Then what about mars? I think there will be future wars over this. Just look what happend when Russia claimed the North Pole.
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@xfahctor (14126)
• Lancaster, New Hampshire
26 Sep 07
I guess who ever lands a starter colony on them. I mean, there really is no authority to decide this one. Even the u.n. deals only with this planet. Technicaly, citezens living on another planet, would be citizens of that planet it seems. God forbid we ever get a U.P. One u.n. is bad enoough, lol. To me, its who ever gets there first. And what if a private interest does it? there is already another X-prize, first privat interest to land a robotic probe on the moon. What if some rich buy gets a bunch of smart people together and successfully pulls off a small colony on mars? It then wouldn't belong to any nation, only to the group who got there first.
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@huntbird (277)
• China
25 Sep 07
Russia own the north pole?which country admit ?I think the powerful nations should come out to stop him.north pole is the public property of all humanbeings.just the same as the south pole.Every country has right to tap .and it depend on the technology.as far as moon and mars,all country can exploit it if have enough thchlogy. all of it is depending on the comprehensive native strength of the country.
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@jodenton (222)
26 Sep 07
I agree. It will be an interesting time ahead. I'd like to see a similar thing to what happened with Antarctica and see the whole or earth working together to make an extra-terrestrial planet work. This would mean however that nation's leaders that don't as a rule enjoy working together would have to so, yes, could be interesting!