You have control of the internet. What would you change?

September 25, 2007 3:32pm CST
Suppose you have gained control of the regulation of the internet. What what you do? Would you crack down on file sharing and P2P software that encourage piracy? Or would you encourage it? What about net neutrality, would you be for or against it? Other topics that come to mind include dangerous knowledge, like bomb making, weapons, illegal warez, cracks, etc. Of course, you might feel that the whole purpose of the internet is that there is no governing body, and hence you wouldn't do anything. After all, censoring "dangerous" knowledge on the internet is a just a step away from taking away freedom of speech. Any thoughts?
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• Philippines
26 Sep 07
If I have the control over the internet, of course I would only allow transactions that are good and that would benefit a lot of people. I will try to remove the computer hackers. I will try to sabbotage those people who have bad plans like the bombs or attacking another country. I wanted a very peaceful internet world. I wanted to control those people who are trying to violate this rule and I will ban them from using the internet since they violated a rule.
@Bunsdk (242)
• Denmark
26 Sep 07
I think I would incourage internet filesharing and even piracy. I believe this would actually force the music and movie industry to try to make good movies instead of making profits. Ives spent way too much money on being disappointed with them that I nearly no longer care. The internet should be a neutral area. And ilegallity on the net, should be governen WHEN it has an affect, aka smoething ilegal bought should be dealt with like everything else ilegal. By the police. But cranking down on sites that offers ilegal stuff... I dont know.. ppl should know better anyway. Bombmaking sites on the net? Well again its up to the person if he wants to read and learn it. But starting to produce it isnt. There is a big difference between removing rights and enforcing the law. Its not legal to have knowledge of that kind, its only ilegal to deal with, produce, sell, use. If internet was ever to become governed anymore than it is right now, I think it will collapse. The US has already made the internet very shaky and stalled much of the progress it could have had, seeing how their scaretactics and rules affects it all. And they are even trying to enforce THEIR rules on other countries that use the net, even if neither server or person is located in US. In my eyes they overstepped the bounds of reasonable behavior long time ago.
@derek_a (10897)
26 Sep 07
If I had control of the internet, then surely I would become just another "authority" injecting my beliefs and values into others... I think value is something that needs to be learned, so I think I would leave the Internet as it is, including the "Internet Police" that are out there trying to keep people in order :-)
@youless (99272)
• Guangzhou, China
26 Sep 07
I think I will let everybody has a faster speed for the internet. So that everybody can save time to do their things via the net.
@smg_0000 (29)
• Romania
26 Sep 07
basically i wouldn't change a thing.. i've been surfing ever since a kid and i really like to think i know much about whatever it's all about. i can make use of it in every single possible way... it not too full neither too incomplete..
@Rozie37 (15499)
• Turkmenistan
26 Sep 07
Oh believe me, the internet would be a lot less fun for the whackco people in this world. Anybody who needs to legally make a bomb should not have to learn on the internet. I would do more to get rid of viruses and pop-ups. I would make it more accessible to the people who can not afford it. Like charge them according to their income. The list is endless, but I am late for dinner, gotta go.
@darshakk (2142)
• India
25 Sep 07
Internet is a 2 way depends on how u use it.... u can use it fir the benefit of urself and humankind....vis a vis also ppl can use it for destruction and haring others.... see basically all technoligies if not used in proper manner can be harmful.... so rather than changing the internet norms...mebbe we can change ourselves and our way of looking and using it.... what say????