Chain Letter Emails

@maybebaby (1230)
September 25, 2007 6:16pm CST
It never fails. Everytime I open my email someone has sent me some sort of chain letter. You know the emails where you have to forward tehm to 10 people or you'll die; or on the flip side, if you send them to 10 people something good will happen to you. I never send these on and very rarely even read them. I think they're kind of a waste of time. What do you think of these emails? Do you forward them on or just delete them?
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@jillhill (37354)
• United States
25 Sep 07
Sometimes I just delete them and sometimes I forward them....if they are inspirational I forward otherwise in the waste basket they go.
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@maybebaby (1230)
• Canada
26 Sep 07
Some of them do have a nice message but I just can't be bothered to send them around. Also I figure someone else on the list is probably doing it anyways and nobody likes opening the same thing over and over again. Thanks for the response!
@LokiFM (7)
• Netherlands
27 Sep 07
sure its are not cool when guys send chain mails... i delete he alwaiyS! i THINK its brings realy to nothing only waste of time...