maria cary

@yougreat (150)
September 25, 2007 11:14pm CST
do you like maria cary,maria cary is my favorite singer
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@Nahara (1673)
• Israel
26 Sep 07
Mariah's my favourite singer of all time too, noone can top her amzing voice
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@yougreat (150)
• China
27 Sep 07
the best voice come from heaven
@yanjiaren (9050)
5 Oct 07
Every one has their taste isn't it? I like Tu Hong Gang lol..He has a really sexy voice lol.. He is Chinese lol! I liked his song so much I wanted to learn now I am on yourtube too singing it lol. I was put off by Maria Cary for one reason, the way she treated her sister.It is very sad how she has treated her because if it wans't for her sister, she would not be famous, where she is now. I hate it when people use others to climb up their ladder and then don';t appreciate them. Sorry I had to mention this, just what I know of her isn't good, so it put me off her.
@ericajoyce (1746)
• Philippines
5 Oct 07
Hi yougreat. Yes, I do like Mariah Carey. She is one of my favorite singers. I love listening to her songs.