Is there anyone who can interpret dreams?

@nikkiwith (1074)
September 26, 2007 2:24am CST
I really need some body to interpret 2 dreams that i had. 1 of the dreams was about 3 months ago and the other was about 5 days ago. The first dream was very disturbing and i felt guilty and dirty. I was molesting my 4 year old daughter, she wasn't trying to stop me or crying, and i was enjoying it, and then my Aunty and her husband came over to my house (my Aunty's husband molested me in real life when i was 13). In the other dream i was "sexually" kissing my daughter on her stomach and she was trying to hurry me up, and before she got up i quickly tongue kissed her. I felt "sick" after waking and remembering the dreams. I would never ever think about doing such a sick thing to any child, let alone my own daughter! Does anyone know how to interpret these sick dreams? PLEASE.
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@violeta_va (4832)
• Australia
26 Sep 07
I will try to interpret the dreams. I would say that as of lately you have had a fear for her safety (it could be a general fear that you have or based on an incident) that made you think of your case. The fact that it was your uncle came over in the house when this was going on brings your issue to the picture. did you get help how was it all handeled have you got a closure to it.
• Australia
26 Sep 07
Your daughter its a representation of you and how you would have had wanted for people to have found out you have done some great healing not to dream of the molester so your fear of that happening to your daughter puts you in that position.