October 27, 2006 1:58pm CST
In this era of Science and technology with rapid Industrialisation growth in the sense of globlization and liberization,it is common tendency of human being that health priority is widely missing. It leads generation and growth of several dieases which cure is becoming difficult and difficult, expensive and expensive day by day.In older age human average life was more than 100 years and now -and -days with all prosperity, advancement, technology, average life of human being is reported to be even less than 60 years and this average life will further reduces to nearer to 50 in coming years. The main cause of this is that nobody is caring for the health which is the ultimate wealth.One should not go against the nature and they should love the nature in all respects so that nature will pay them automaticaly by way of maintaining human being average life in the vicinity of 100 years with good health. Regards
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@charms88 (7540)
• Philippines
13 Mar 07
Hello brijendra, I believe that Health is Wealth. I take good care of my body. I try to avoid stress and pressures in my life if I can. I also take the proper supplement for myself. I'm lazy with exercises though, just doing the household chores stuff. Thanks for the information.
@gberlin (3836)
13 Mar 07
I think that sometimes people are so worried about being wealthy that they stress out. To live a simply life and enjoy their family and nature and the beautiful things in life will not only keep them in better health but they will be rich in life's experiences.