do you love someone that dont love you????

September 26, 2007 8:16am CST
this is sad :(
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• India
26 Sep 07
No,never.There is no meaning in doing so.Love is not one sided and to have some meaning for it,it should be two sided.
• Philippines
28 Sep 07
but sometime you still love the person that much even if shes making you a fool already how whould you deal with that how can you mange to forget that person?
@academic2 (7005)
• Uganda
21 Nov 07
I have splashed my love on people who dont care to release the smallest fraction of the love I give them back to me. It used to run through my heart with pain. Not these days bcause there are many more people who return my love with huge bonuses! Such is the world, I have learnt to take human beings in their face values. I used to almost cry, but now i amost laugh because I know those who dont return your love to you in the same measure assume so erroniously that your world is limited to them, they forget that this is a whole wide world where the hated and rejected on one shore of the river is all honey to many others on the other side of the river!
@meniks (3)
• Indonesia
15 Nov 07
yes but just in my dream. hehee
@ebtenorio (765)
• Philippines
12 Nov 07
I do. The Bible even said that "What reward shall we receive if we only love those that love us?" It is good to love... even those that do not love us... I think it is a noble thing to do and your efforts will not go to waste my friend. Me, I just wait for that someone to love me... be it God's will then. We don't know the will of the Lord right? Who knows, one day, you already have in your arms someone who you adore much! Be in love my friend! I admire your courage in loving someone who does not love you.. and you should be proud of that. :D
@wisconsin26 (3859)
• United States
28 Sep 07
All depends on which love a friends love or a love for a lover... Yes Actually I really care about a friend and love him as a friend but he recently has been treating me like he don't care or I even exist, how ever loving him as a lover no I can't... You almost have to stop seeing looking and talking to this person in order for you to actually feel better.. I hope that makes a tad bit of sense.. I mean for get about the feelings that you once shared If she don't love you or he don't love you there is nothing to go on and no matter what it will never be.. So I would have to say move forward you will be much happier! Wisconsin