help i get blue screen when i start my computer

September 26, 2007 4:15pm CST
when i start my computer i get blue screen and it says that some hardware is wrong installed, i asked a friend and he sad that its software problem can someone help me pls thx
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@slavezero (833)
• Philippines
27 Sep 07
your friend can also be correct, it can be a software problem maybe it is a driver problem of your hardware. try booting into safe mode, if you did boot on a safe mode then you have a video driver problem. you can repair it by re-installing your video card driver. if you fail to boot on safe mode and blue screen still occurs try checking your memory and see if it is the problem. you can also try to remove and clean your hardwares using an eraser and bring it back to your board (sometimes cleaning gets the job done). hope this helps... good luck on your PC
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@jukies (3)
• Malaysia
27 Sep 07
i got this kind of error many times..check cable, if you're using sata.
@Ciniful (1587)
• Canada
26 Sep 07
To be blunt, your friend is wrong. If the computer is telling you straight out that it's a hardware issue, then that's what it is ... not software. Two entirely different things. However, helping you is difficult, since no one here can actually pull your tower apart and see what's gone wrong. It could be a number of things. It could be something as simple as a card not pushed securely into the slot, or it could be something like an outdated driver. It could be that your graphics or sound card is going, or is incompatible with another piece of hardware. It could be a blown USB port. It could be a thousand things. If you don't know what you're doing, and it's fairly obvious you don't .. take it into a tech and get them to fix it. You risk making the issue worse by tinkering around with components you're not familiar with.