House Cleaner

United States
September 26, 2007 5:16pm CST
My Aunt cleans other peoples houses for a living, and really makes quite a bit of money doing it. She has gotten to the point, she is taking my mom to do some jobs with her, just to keep momma from being alone and being depressed since losing daddy in June. I just got off the phone with my momma, and she told me that they cleaned this one house today, and the lady they done the cleaning for is so allergic to everything that when they started to dust the furniture off, they had to use mayonnaise to dust with. Has anyone ever heard of such?
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@ajyukie15 (217)
• United States
26 Sep 07
wow really?thats weird!i never heard something like that. I wonder after they clean up the house it will smell mayo lol thats really odd!!but how i wish i can do something like that too to earn more money to clean others house. Thats good for your mom though so she wont be lonely and sorry about your dad's loss.
@elemental69 (1562)
• Ireland
26 Sep 07
I used to do that for a living too, but I never heard of using mayonnaise to dust with!! Sometimes I used to use vinegar with lemon juice to get the grease off cooker tops, or baby wipes to get paint off leather. Although it would never surprise me what you could clean with. :-)
26 Sep 07
Well i have heard that mayonaise can be a good cleaner, but it does for sure smell, so this wouldnt be my recomended choice. But what i would recomend is for your aunt to have a word with the woman who is allergic, and then if the allergic woman is to be a regular customer, then your aunt should get in some cleaning stuff that the allergic woman isnt allergice to! Hope i helped!