let making money easier

September 26, 2007 10:28pm CST
do you think it is hard to earn money online ? do you think it is boring to earn money online ? sometimes, I think so . as we don't know much about making money online, and we always want to get easy money . so I want to give a tip for you . if you want to earn money ,choose the programs you like . if you like post, choose this kind of forums. if you are good at build referrals, you can choose the PTC site with 100% donwline earnings. if you are good at website design, you can make a good website module, and sell it . if you are good at getting traffic, you can apply googles ads . and something like this .
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@rick_077 (36)
• Indonesia
28 Sep 07
It's not hard to earn money online as long as you know how to do it. No, it's not that difficult since I have earned some money from the net. First of all you must have a website, that's the main of all from earning online. Of course you can sell a website module and get some money from it. Many aspect can be done in the internet.
@izathewzia (5134)
• Philippines
27 Sep 07
I am new in online programs. In fact i am still building my base. I do wanted to make it good here. Not just for the sake of money but to gain knowledge as well. You see, i am not really that good when it comes to softwares, hardwares, programs, etc. But since i lkaready getting my self invovle in online programs, I am beggining to learn little by little everyday. And that what makes it more interesting for me.
@runsgame (2031)
• India
27 Sep 07
earning money is not so easy . u should have every things with u . luck, time , concept ,help from others and further HIS (GOD'S ) GRACE. BELEIVE IN GOD . HE WILL GIVE U EVERY THING U WANT
@subha12 (18441)
• India
27 Sep 07
thanks a lot for your discussion. I earl;ioer joined in few forums like this where i can earn for discussions. But most of them seems don't seem pay really. Do you know any taht really pays?
@ameyrp (252)
• Singapore
27 Sep 07
I agree with you. As with many things in 'offline' life, it took real hard work and long time to achieve success. You cannot expect to become rich in a very short time. All those success stories that you read from online entrepreneurs, they didn't do it overnight. You need persistent and focus, therefore it's wise to concentrate on things you love the most, like blogging etc and stick with it. The success will eventually comes