Spur of the moment

September 27, 2007 5:26am CST
One time at work, I was asked by my officemate if I can really compose a poem as fast as I can when she overheard me talk to another officemate to give me a subject and I will come up with a poem. Expecting that she will only give me one topic, she gave me three instead. (^_^) I didn't mind. I liked it even and she asked me to take my time, I gladly did so, but I was able to give her the three poems before our shift ended. Here they are: ANGELS Angels can be seen or not It is what everyone has got Perfect as they may seem Some secrets they can't redeem When they are beside you You wouldn't know An invisible inner healing they will mysteriously show From the possible pain to endure. With the love potion they will cure Unusual as it sound, You can imagine them in the sky and truthfully on the ground Your dear friends and your loved ones Try to find out, are they your angel by any chance? DON'T FORCE AN ATTRACTION When two people meet in the eye A part in us wants to try To figure out the emotion from within If it can be easily seen In the naked eye we'll know The true affection that can show Don't make any expectations That what you see is what you get Let the love grow through season and time You'll have the feeling that this love is truely mine. BITTER SURRENDER Forgiveness is not what we can always give nor ask for Maturity and humility is what we need to endeavor Through our lifetime it's hard to find A feeling of how to be kind It is not the easiest thing to do Don't do unto others what you don't want to be done unto you. A helpful guide if I may say When true forgiveness sets in, comes a brighter day. These are short thoughts that I came up with when I needed to divert my attention from the workload that I had.
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@TTucker3 (147)
• United States
27 Sep 07
Those are very good, i also like to write, and have almost four hundred poems I have written..I have had abrain fart since my daughter was born though, can't seem to find the time energy, or the thoughts to write, but I am also writing a book about my family right now, the ups and downs that we went through, how our generations advanced..ect.. But these are awesome!
• Philippines
29 Sep 07
Thank you (^_^) I also feel the same about being in a plateau period which I can't seem to put my words together, however, when I am in the mood and my brain functions well...I also can't seem to stop writing. I really found refuge in how I can put my thoughts in writing through poems. I hope to come up with more ideas that can have others relate and enjoy at the same time!(^_^)