love of money puts my life in such a bad situation.

@fredgame (1261)
September 27, 2007 6:12am CST
It's really disheartening when the love of money more than human life puts a person in crucial situation. this woman made made my working permit and visa for me last year when i was employed by another school but unfortunately the police said the school wasn't lincensed to employ foreign teachers so she tried other places but couldnt get me a job and i found my own job. my employers however told me they don't want an agent connection so i made my own arrangement and later went to her with my first month's salary to show my appreciation. She became very happy and promise to help me if it was ready for renewal. When it was about to expire i sent it to her and she told me i should pay about 3000yuan and i did pay. After she finished the visa acquisition she told me to pay an addition 2000yuan, because i was not working for her, she also gave money to the people who gave the visa. so i said i wass going to pay her in a weeks time and she told me if i could use the visa to help her friend buy a car, i don't need to pay the money. i asked her which of these do you prefer? she chose the purchase of the car and because she could help me next time i gave it out. They told me it will take only three weeks and now it's more than two months. whenever i called her to ask about the visa she often told me she's in another city and i asked her to tell her friend to give me the passport because without it i can't do any transsactions and even posting something home or receiving it from home. That apart, last two weeks a school asked me to come over and did ask of my passport and working visa. here i am without the passport and so can't go to the school to take up that job as my present contract ends in october, 2007. whenever i called this lady she'll tell me she's in another city and when i go to the office and sure she isn't there. i'm confused now because i don't know what is of my passport and visa. without them i'm an illigal resident. my friend who introduced me to the lady made me to write an authority note for him to collect it for me as i work in another city but it's almost a week now i've not heard from him either. i'm almost depressed because of this as it's very serious. what action should i take? or what can i do to retrieve my passport?
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