An Attempt To Remake History!!!

September 27, 2007 6:46am CST
I watched the movie Troy last year.Magnificantly Built! Well done.Thanks for the luxurious costume,set,and battle scenes. But! is the Illiad like this? I cant understand why such a reputed director neglected the true facts.In this movie there are many events that didnt take place in the Illiad.I got really surprised seeing those. I am mentioning them one by one below: 1. We see our Hector kills Menelaus in the battlefield.But accroding to Illiad Menelaus is not killed like this. rather he went home after trojan war. 2. We see Acilles enter the Trojan City hiding in the wooden horse. But the true fact is that Achlles was killed before the creation of the wooden horse. 3. We see Agamemnon was Killed by Bresilee while Troy was burning. But the true fact is that Agamemnon too returned home safely like his brother Menelaus. My question is that was it very necessary to alter the real Illiad? Would it not had been better if the director had not alterted the actual events took place in The Illiad???
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• Bulgaria
16 Oct 07
I think that these events were changed so the film can become more interesting. Here are some of my theories. I f Menelaus had returned home safely the public would probably think he may return for Helen again, it's just that he had to be killed so that we can see an end of his story and keep in mind that Helenwould be at least free of him. Why Hector? May be because we had to see him as a brave man who deffends his younger brother. Acillies had to survive so that we can see him to the end of the story and witness a goodbye with Breseis. And finally the murder of Agamemnon by her is due to a need for revenge for the fact that he had been rude and arogant with her. These are just my theories, not facts!
@meatiitr (365)
• India
11 Dec 07
i agree with your idea that its not necessary to tailor the actual story to present a happy ending or similar climax.when dealing with historical concepts like that of troy its better to leave the script unaltered,that way you can avoid creating confusion and in some cases avoid hurting people's sentiments
@pilbara (1436)
• Australia
11 Oct 07
I don't know about remaking history as their is still speculation as to whether this is history or mythology. However on all points I agree with you. Agamemmnon was killed after he went home by his wife's lover (most accounts say he was her cousin as well) because he sacrificed her daughter for favourable winds.
@taskeen (19)
• India
9 Oct 07
yes good question , though i would like to comment that movies are made for mere entertainment and making the audience aware of historical facts is nothing but secondary . if altering the facts pumps up more exitement and thrill in the movie then , in my veiw , it is more skillfull then offense . i think achlles was starring in the movie so keeping him alive till troy was burnt was more sensible . it would have been better if the true facts were not altered but i think it was best to alter them for sake of thrill and else .