Friendship hurts some times

September 27, 2007 8:41am CST
Have you ever felt hurt verymuch when your close friends betray you?share your experiences here
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@meemingNEW (2226)
• Philippines
27 Sep 07
Friends can really hurt you emotionally and even psychologically too.. But I think as far as I believe, you can't call that person "a friend" if the two of you haven't been in an argument or misunderstanding before. Well anyway, about this friend of mine. I was really hurt and I feel so betrayed when she stole my phone and didn't even returned it. I am from the Philippines and she is now in United States and still she has no plans of returning my phone or even pay for it. :( Its been a year since that happened. I probably lost a material possession such as my phone.. and I also lost my trust to that person. I don't even know if she treated me as her friend. I do know that I treated her as one and I'll always be that way, except that I don't trust her anymore.
• India
30 Sep 07
Yeah i agree to that completely....... But before trusting someone we got to be sure that whether this person is worth the trust or not. Or else problem for us only
• Australia
30 Oct 07
situation 1: (M) is my best friend.the last person that would betray me.. okay maybe not last.. 2nd last... he know who i hate.. i hate this girl so much because she is a total drama queen and she lie to me.. i treat her so good but she betrayed me so badly.. i told M but guess what.. he end up taking her as his girlfriend.. maybe because he is desperate... that hurts me alot.. situation 2: (C) and (N) is my best friend.. we are the 3 musketeers.. i had a really bad time with my friendship problems and love life... they know about it.. they been on my side for 1 year and in all of a sudden.. they go against me.. n telling me to get over it because i am over and what so ever.. they helped my enemies and tell them stuffs about me.. i tell them everything and in the end they said they did not understand everything and they call me psycho.. situation 3: (E) is my best friend.. she is really nice but she can be childish,rude and arrogant... they way she talks sometimes really make me feel sad... whenever she say something that hurts me i will be sad for sometime because she is my greatest friend.. how can she say things like that about me/to me... but overall she is still my best friend... she has a good point n bad point but still...