Fans of Reality TV

September 27, 2007 5:24pm CST
One of the best sites for discussing reality television shows is There are sections for most reality shows and people log in to chat while watching the shows. It makes the experience lots of fun.
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28 Sep 07
Reality TV has been so over used everyone in the UK is getting fed up of it. With the start of Big Brothers there came an endless list of reality tv shows, Wife Swap, Holiday Showdown, Celebrity dance off, Celeb skating, and a whole lot more. If you dont have digital tv then all you can watch is the soaps until around 8pm then reality tv right through the night. The TV bosses found that Big Brother attracted massive viewer and everyone jumped on board and killed it. Reading the TV guid you will find around 30 differant reality shows. Which are reapeated straight after on another channel. Big brother for example Your would have the big brother show, then big brothers little brother, then big brothers little mouth, then big brother through the night. We have to pay almost £130 $260 per year to just watch TV plus our digital subcriptions of up to £55 ($110) per month.