How important is family to you?

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September 28, 2007 12:16am CST
Family is something I've had on the mind for a while now, my extended family to be exact. My mother is one of 10 and up until 10 years ago when my grandmother died, we were all very, very close. All the cousins were raised like brothers and sisters almost. There was a very strong bond between us all and we really were one big happy family, if one person needed something then someone else would make sure they had it. It was one for all. Once my grandmother died it was like that bond left with her and all of a sudden it was every man for himself and damned be the rest. It's gotten to where brothers and sisters no longer talk, some members have come into money and therefore decided they're no longer family, children leave their parents with nothing and don't care, parents stop caring for children and cousins don't even know one another anymore. In fact it's gotten so bad that my uncle nearly died and we only found out because he called us as soon as he was able to today. In fact my aunt works at the hospital where he was until he got transfered to a bigger one and she didn't know he was there, his wife had him listed as a DNP (Do Not Publish). She's angry at us because she thinks the family hid from her the fact that he has a son, an 18 yr old, his only child. Nobody knew, he didn't even know but as soon as one of my aunts found out she told him, she met the boy and arranged for my uncle to meet grandchildren. His wife has 3 grown children from a previous marriage that my uncle raised as his own and she wants no other child claimed but hers, which aren't his. All his life he wanted to have his own children and then he wouldn't claim his son or know him because his wife, who is very ill from cancer and drinking, will get upset. So he had a massive heart attack on Tuesday and as soon as he was stable they med flighted him to another hospital for surgery, they told her he would die. She never called. She used to be one of my favorite aunts and then her son died and all of a sudden she hated our family for how close we all were. It's crazy how close we all were and how we're all strangers now. There are so many ugly things going on, fathers turning their backs on the children and children sucking their parents dry and then basically leaving them in the streets, brothers coming into major money and turning their back on other brothers who can barly put food on the table. It breaks my heart and it makes me glad that my grandmother is dead because this family would break her heart. It was her dying wish that we always stay close that her children remain loving and a family. I feel like I need to do something but there is nothing for me to do. I tried to organize a family reunion but nobody responded, nobody cares anymore. Ok so my long story brings me to... is this normal for families? Is your family important to you?
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@alamode (3073)
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28 Sep 07
My family, and all of the Brats, are my world! I'm not related to all of them ... some joined of their own free will! They know we have rules of behavior and they have no problem following them. We have many of our kids' exes that we still see!