what do you use to clean your bathroom tiles?

September 28, 2007 5:23am CST
sometimes its difficult to clean your bathroom tiles 100% clean
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@Jemina (5770)
28 Sep 07
I use bleach to clean my bathroom tiles and how marvelous it works. I used to use muriatic acid to get rid of dirts but I was chocked once and I got sick. Then I heard about bleach. Just add one-half cup of bleach in a 500 ml of water and with the use of sponge apply the solution on the tiles. Wait for about an hour. You can do your laundry or watch tv. Then go back and scrub the tiles with scotch brite. See how shiny your bathroom tiles will be.
28 Sep 07
ok i will try that..thank you for that wonderful idea
@Jemina (5770)
29 Sep 07
You're welcome. And don't forget to get back to me and report how it works, okay?
@lynnchua (3412)
• Singapore
16 Feb 08
I used bleach to wash my toilet tiles. It works really well.
• Philippines
12 Mar 08
I also use bleach and the result is very satisfying. Also bleach does not smell repulsive like other bathroom cleaners.
@suspenseful (40193)
• Canada
10 Jan 08
I use a regular tile cleaner. That works.
• United States
28 Sep 07
I use regular bath and tile cleaner. Scrubbing bubbles works to.
28 Sep 07
yeah me too,i use regular tile cleaner sometimes
• United States
13 Jun 08
Any tile cleaner, My pet peve is a diry bathroom. I think it is disgusting when you go over to someones house and they haven't cleaned there bathroom in ages. gross