Is saying sorry to a loved one enough after you have hurt them?

@sarah22 (3979)
United States
September 28, 2007 7:21am CST
What would one do, do you forgive them? How would you work on that ,or is sorry enough for you?
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@abhax123 (1695)
• India
6 Oct 07
This is not the thing you can get clean just by saying a SORRy... i was hurt was a friend and she thinks saying sorry if Enough but its not... you should understand that the people who love you are the one you should cherish and never hurt them....
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@lucky_witch (2707)
• Philippines
29 Sep 07
I think its not have to change and try not to commit the same mistake that you did to your loved ones... but that is the only thing you can do for the moment. And I think for the moments it is enough for him/her...but for sure he/she would expect and hope that you would change and try not to hurt him/her again for the same reason. We are all humans...and in some ways we will make something wrong that will hurt those people that we love. It maybe intentional or unintentional. The important thing is we accept our mistake,learn to say sorry, and change. And the people we love also knows that of course. Life is full of struggles and we have to make and give our best to be a better person for our creator, ourselves and for others.
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@owlwings (43915)
• Cambridge, England
28 Sep 07
It depends on just how one hurt them. Was it unintentional? Though carelessness or lack of understanding, perhaps? Do they say they were hurt, even though what you did was true to yourself and done with conviction and with all the best will in the world? Perhaps it is the other person who misunderstood and, although they feel hurt, you are convinced that they only feel that way because they are short-sighted in some way (even selfish)! We very rarely hurt someone intentionally (though it does happen to even the best of us, in a fit of anger or frustration). Of course, an apology is necessary then and a contrite heart should be enough. If the person does not accept our apology but, instead, keeps mentioning how much they were hurt and bringing up their lack of trust in us because of it, then there is very little one can do except try to restore that trust. Many people do latch on to an (imagined) hurt and will not let go of it. They may use it for all sorts of purposes, very often to continue making us feel guilty. There comes a point when one has apologised and made enough restitution, however, and one must begin to realise that one has discharged one's duty and that the person is practising emotional blackmail on us. Then it is time to be open with them and to try to resolve the problem before it becomes like a thorn that has worked its way deep into the flesh of a relationship!
• India
28 Sep 07
It happens very often in every person's life that we hurt our friends who love us...And most cases are unintentional...and the main reason is that people think differently.....Among good friends there is no formality of saying sorry or thanq(according to me..). But at the same time, these friends should find out when his/her counterpart feels bad when he/she hurts him/her.And if such a thing happens sometimes, a sorry will be important..... Another thing to be noted is that one should not repeat the same incident again....Dont try to hurt him/her again with the same reason... And also remember that these incidents are necessary in life, upto a certain extent because when If life needs to be rainbow coloured and mixed, then both joy and sorrow should come into it...