Which to choose?

September 28, 2007 7:48am CST
I am a recent Part-time Online English Teacher for Korean Students and I love this work so much. I finished Nursing and I already passed the Local Board Exam. That means I can now practice my profession as a nurse. I was planning to resign from my job by December. But my mom wants me to resign now. I get her point because she wants me to work as a nurse. But then, I want to enjoy my work as an Online Teacher first, and then I would apply as a nurse by January. What made me more confused to leave the company is when my boss told me that he is planning to put me into full-time. I have a lot of credits for now, so I thought that if I would be full-time in my job, I would be able to pay all of my debts because I will have a high salary, compared to the salary of a nurse which is very low. I'm not planning to stay in this kind of work forever but I wanted to enjoy it. I wanted to follow my plan that I will work here until December. But my mom is against my decision. If YOU were ME, what will you do?
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