who is u r favourite character in rang de basanti?

September 28, 2007 10:22am CST
rang de basanti is probably the best fil i have seen in my life.i always used to think english movies were the best and hindi movies were just about sdance and music but RDB HAS changed my opionion of bollywood movies and mmde me an avid fan of dem... the beauty of rdb is the fact that even after having a star like aamir khan it isnt an aamir khan movie in any way .so who is u r fav character.................. reply
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• India
22 Dec 07
All the characters in the film are good..But personally i felt that siddharth's role was heart touching one...aamir khan,kunal kapoor,soha ali kahn,madhavan are the other characters i liked a lot..I think sequence of this film should come.We need a film like this...
• India
15 Nov 07
ya it is indeed an indian movie in which amir khan has given his best shot. but the character which approached me the most was karan in the movie direction of the movie is also too good, and the concept was amazing i mean think of the person who came out with such an innovative idea for the youth
• India
17 Oct 07
I like all of them. The story has all involved in equal proportions. Aamir is in his usual best. I liked silly sid. RDB rules ..the best movie bollywood could ever have. (after sholay)
• India
5 Oct 07
all the characters are really impresive but admist all the performance of aamir khan as dj was wonderful...he gets so much invoved in the character that never for once you feel like he is a star but still giving a stellar performance.
@kishusia (1069)
• India
3 Oct 07
All characters in RDB are my favorites. The story is such that no body is a main character. It is a story of all young men, and not a story revolving around one person.
@sajuman (1854)
• India
2 Oct 07
Ya rdb is the ever greates film...Every one in the movie have good and a strong role..Nobody wasted their role..They play an excellent job there..That is the speciality of the film..The Aamir's present in the film is a highlight,but he live like a usual charecter in the film without any special star performance..All this makes the fim this much different..
@apsara60 (6611)
• Israel
28 Sep 07
Almost all the characters in Rang de basanti played their roles beautifully. It is difficult to say which one was better, but Aamir as usual, does seperate his talent from others and make special place in minds and heart of people.I think I will vote of aamir khan as the best charcter in rdb. I am happy you have realised the fact that bollywood can also give good movies like hollywood. For me bollywood was always the best.