Halloween... What do you like best?

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September 28, 2007 12:51pm CST
Im not really a HUGE fan of halloween.. I dont decorate or dress up or anything like that except on seldom occasions... My aunt used to throw this HUGE halloween bash every year, shed go all out and spend like $2000 on decorations, food, favors etc! We used to all have to dress up and then she would give door prizes and best dressed prizes and i mean they were awesome prizes to be won.. gift certificates, money, boomboxes, video games.. etc etc! she built a barn that she used to turn into a haunted house, all the guys would dress up and play there roles, while the rest of us would take the younger kids through it.. it was so cool, she had trap doors, and fake bloood, things that flew over head and steps that creeked everything was so real she went all out... well she stopped doing that a few years back so since then ihavent dressed up... Now my halloween just consits of dressing my daughter up, meeting my older sister and her kids and walking around for hours ... lol its fun watching the kids trick or treating... they have to examine everything they are given as they are given it and then comes the :mommy mommy i got ____" lol its so cute.. BUt still, my all time favorite part about halloween is carving pumpkins! i love cutting them open adn gooing my hands with the seeds, carving out funny faces or painting them.. and then wshing and baking the seeds afterwards... Pumpkins are my faovtire thing about halloween... whats yours?? got any funny stories to share? please do?!
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1 Oct 07
I'm not a HUGE fan either. The thing I like most would also be the pumpkins. We attend a huge Fall Festival and get to go tromping through the pumpkin patch. My husband started a tradition when we first married ten years ago. Instead of carving a face, we carve 3 crosses or we take the top off and put fresh flowers inside.
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4 Oct 07
That is a very interesting tradition i love the flowers idea!
• China
29 Sep 07
The parents are the farmers, buys new clothes or the ornament all is a xery luxurious matter. But their life cut has filled the pleasure. The daily sunrise works the sunset to rest. Sometimes the father also can tell the story to us which he and the mother falls in love.