Does anyone want referrals?

September 28, 2007 10:04pm CST
I'm am new here and looking to make some friends on mylot. Add me as your friend and I will give you some information about getting referrals. It's actually a pretty cool concept and I am very good at getting referrals. A friend of mine told me there are a bunch of folks on here that like to make money on free sites and it is my favorite thing to do online. Like I said, add me as your friend and we can talk about referrals and programs.
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@gldnopps (284)
29 Sep 07
i already added you as a friend, maybe we can work together and figure something out to build our downline!
29 Sep 07
that would be great. I sent you a message and if you have something you would like to add to that site once we get rolling I will join you and we can add your program as well. Just don't want to add more than one umtil we get everyone comfortable with the plan.
@akulho (14)
• Indonesia
3 Oct 07
I've added you as my friend. I'm very interested in getting referral and free programs to share.
@anuj291 (575)
• India
3 Oct 07
i would like it too i have added u,plz give me the link,,or ur way
@katkat (2378)
• Philippines
2 Oct 07
Hi freemoneysystem I have problems getting referrals can you help find referrals. I already add you to my friends list.
• Canada
1 Oct 07
hi there i added you as a friend and would love to hear to discuss referrals and programs. i am currently checking out quite afew that sound good and plan to join this week. look forward to hearing from you.
• United States
30 Sep 07
Hey freemoney system, and welcome to myLot! I would love to add you. I like making money online, but I am not very good at getting referrals. Mabye you can help me in that department. Hope you have a good time on myLot.
@nobbsy123 (852)
• Australia
30 Sep 07
Thanks man. Im trying these sites out and not having much luck getting referrals and that. By all means im interested in finding out how you get referrals and to learn something new.
@vivek2006 (1419)
• India
29 Sep 07
That would be great, i'd love to try new ideas for getting referrals. It would be good to discuss ideas with you and i hope to find the best methods for making referrals along with you.
@onerygirl (549)
• United States
29 Sep 07
I am always looking for ways to get more referrals for my programs as I truly believe that is the way to make a profit. Thanks in advance.