what do you think Which language is the easiest to learn?which is hard to learn

@mari123 (1862)
September 29, 2007 3:36am CST
Some languages are hard to learn whereas some others are not so difficult to learn. Now; my question is which one is the easiest for you to learn
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@puchapox (580)
• Philippines
29 Sep 07
I think English can be learned faster and easier because its everywhere - just by watching TV you can learn how words are formed and how they are pronounced. I don't think that it applies to all though, because it depends on our mother tongue, and how our words are formed. There are some linguistic stuff involved, but what I mean is that whatever is nearest our mother tongue would of course be the easiest to learn, since mostly words derived from similar terms. Take for example German.If you are a native English speaker, i bet you'll learn it faster, because the words are so similar, they came from the same language root/family/whatever the term is.
@williamjisir (22883)
• China
29 Sep 07
Speaking of learning languages, I think except my native language, English is easier to learn compared with the other two languages that I have learnt--Japanese and German. But I think that it is not completely like that because I didn't spend too much time on them and nor did I show much interest when I found it is difficult write the Japanese characters and hard to remember the Geman words. I finally gave up. I know that English is my favorite and find it much easier to learn. But there is one main factor that I need to emphasize, that is, whatever you learn, interest is the greatest teacher to enable you to learn well. Thanks for your nice topic.
@Sm00tH (2037)
• Belgium
29 Sep 07
i think chinese would be the hardest to learn and english is one of the easiest.
@cici6880 (656)
• China
29 Sep 07
I come from China so of course I think Chinese is the easiest language to learn.But so many foreigners believe Chinese is hard to learn and to speak.I think French is hard to speak but I dont know if it is hard to learn.Because when I watch some movies with French all the words I listened are the same to me,lol!