my dog

September 29, 2007 5:11am CST
i have once a dog which is very honest to me .when i come home from school,it will allways waiting for me just at the door .it will run to me happily at once once he saw me . in the morning,he saw me left .this went on day by day .until one day he was dead for he ate poison by mistake,still now i remeber the picture when of that day .he stared at me with hope and innocence .i could do nothing just watch and cry .i didint see hinm the last minute which gave me a regret.
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29 Sep 07
oh thats so sad! I've always had dogs, until my youngest son developed asthma. We had a beautiful long haired german shepherd called tia. I had to find a new home for her, which I couldn't do, so in the end I had to call a specialist to find her a home. They came and collected her on a sat morning, She hoped into their truck, tail wagging inocent eyes looking all excited. It was so hard letting her go, and I felt so guilty cos she wasn't coming back and of course she had no idea-it was heart breaking but it had to be done