United States
September 29, 2007 9:17am CST
Ok, have you ever gone to bed knowing what your response score was? Last night I got my score up to 1525 because it was a nice number to remember, I even wrote it down, this morning I wake up and I'm at 1528. Has this happened to anyone else?
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@Arshian (478)
• Pakistan
29 Sep 07
well it dont happend to me ever :) you ust be mylotting in your sleep too :D
• Philippines
29 Sep 07
Good for you. That never happened to me..yet... Arshian: "you ust be mylotting in your sleep too"...hahaha, that's a good one!! :)
@williamjisir (22901)
• China
30 Sep 07
It is the same with mine, but I don't see the number increase. Often in the morning, I find one or two of my post number decreased, but I don't feel surprised at it because I know that some so-called discussions that I have responded to are deleted that lead to the decrease of my post numbers.
@claire03 (1444)
• United States
29 Sep 07
i think it happens maybe when you were sleeping they updated all the posts that you made. i'm not sure cause i usually don't remember how many post i make during the day, i can't recall all the time. :) Take care friend.
• Philippines
29 Sep 07
nice surprise for you my friend, then. that is good news, right? this has happened becuase when you signed out, you had posted some discussions of your own by then. by the time that you have signed out already, some friends around had posted responses to those discussions. all the responses that you got, got a total credit points of three until the time that you have signed in again on the following day. however, please do not expect that it will always be this way each day. there are times when we shall wake up to a new day and when we turn the computer on we have lost some points instead. if you have already a good knowledge of the faq's surrounding mylot, you have a good idea by now of how these things take place.