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September 29, 2007 10:14am CST
we have been gooing all morning, and afternoon cleaning, at least the main floor, trying to get laundry done etc, etc, etc. i've been taking short breaks here on the copmuter simply because i need the breaks i've even got some stain up out of the carpet that i was afraid were not going to come out of the carpet, or they are mostly out. which is a relief, my oldest is grumbling about the kitchen, my wife helping with laundry, and right nowmy foot hurts from crawling around, and being on it mre than i am used to. but overall, i'm quite happy, i need to let the carpet in the dining room get more drythen i can vacuum it again, and some more cleaning,but iam trying very hard to keep my kids on track of a task to get thigs done we have my inlaws brining down a car for us tomorrow, so we need the living areas somewhat presentable....i don't expect that they will go upstairs into my kids bedroom or downstairs, but we are focusing on the main living areas, and the bathrooms mooch
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@funnysis (2619)
• United States
29 Sep 07
It is very hard to kee the main living quaters completely clean and presentable at all times of the day.People seem to go out of their way when guest are coming and thats when they realize how much they have let it go and then have to do so much at once,I wish you luck in your task and hope you have a very pleasant visit as I am sure that they are coming to see you not the house take time have a little fun.Have a great day.