Why people think that physical relation are must inlove??

@Seemab (77)
September 29, 2007 11:12am CST
Hello to all of you hope you will be fine. well i realized that in this first the emotion we say love ,we now consider it with physical relation. people think that if they love some one than there must be physical relation with them. What you people think. is it necessary for love??? I think its not love if there is nay emotion or desire for physical relation in it? i am waiting for you replies??
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@lovein (345)
• India
29 Sep 07
If you feel that you are in form, then you will love physical relations. If you think that you are not in form, you will not love physical relations. A man is always in form, because a man can not be God.(No form) And a man will keep physical relations in a way he understands it. This understanding differs for each individual man. If you have no immotion, you feel that there is no need for work, and if you can not touch any one, feel any one. Then you are not a man. Thanks
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@Seemab (77)
• Pakistan
30 Sep 07
Hello. Can you explain me that what you mean by saying that "if you are not in fourm you will not love physical relation" a man is always in form? what you mean by it?? i really can't understand it.can you tell it more precisely
@Laydee83 (275)
• Atlanta, Georgia
30 Sep 07
I don't understand that either. It rwally didn't make any sense.