Worst pick up line yu've Ever! heard?

September 29, 2007 11:50am CST
Everyone has heard them and atleast tried to use them, and we've al had a good laugh when hearing them. My favourite is "I lost my number can i borrow yours?" Haha. Post the ones you know of, and if they actually worked let us KNOW!!! :)
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@bizmom (515)
• United States
12 Oct 07
lol oh wow this goes way back but.. was at a bar with my friends having a drink waiting for the wemons ONLY male dance review in the other room to start when this very cute guy came up to me and said *I had to come over here and say Hi ur skirt was beckoning me with how it moves like a bell* lol I laughed so hard!! It was the worst yet cutiest line ever! lol (i had on a *fake* leather skirt ( its was the 80s after all!) and he was right!! it sort of moved back an fourth like a bell would! lol We dated for over ayear after that! :) XX XX
@violeta_va (4832)
• Australia
29 Sep 07
ok once I went to this new night club and as I was waiting for my friend this guy came up and said: him: Do you come here often me: Sorry???? well no as it just opened him: me to I am mostly staying at home me: aaammmmm ok?!??!!! him: do yo want to se my house me: I am sure its lovely, but how about I dont