What is the difference between being vegan and vegetarian?

@kk_84in (1686)
September 29, 2007 12:15pm CST
what are your points??
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• Philippines
2 Oct 07
Vegetarians or lacto-ovo vegetarians, do not consume any meat products, but they consume dairy products and egg. Vegetarians need to know whether a product contains gelatin or other meat based products. Vegans on the other hand don't consume any animal product and by product. They do not wear fur, leather, wool and silk as well.
• United States
30 Sep 07
Vegetarians can be either lacto-vegetarian (they eat dairy products), lacto/ovo vegetarian (eat dairy products and eggs)or ovo-vegetarian (eat eggs). Vegans do not eat any animals and by-products at all including eggs, dairy and honey.
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• Philippines
29 Sep 07
Hello kk_84in :) I usually associate the word "vegan" to foods like "vegan diet", and I usually use the word "vegetarian" to refer to a person like "she is a vegetarian".
@aries_0325 (3060)
• Philippines
22 Jan 08
Being a vegan, you are a vegetable lover and being a vegetarian it is also the same person. I am mostly a vegetarian and I love to eat more vegetables rather than meat. And I know that eating more vegetables food are more times to strength our life and more life. And we have a healthy body.
@maximax8 (31136)
• United Kingdom
14 Oct 07
Vegans do not eat any animal products like meat, milk, cheese, eggs and honey. When buying food they have to check the ingredients of each product that they buy. Milk has many other names and it found in many different products. Some E numbers are not suitable for vegans. Many vegans will not wear leather because it is the skin of an animal. Vegetarians do not eat meat but they do have products like milk, cheese, eggs and honey. They do not gelatine that is present in jelly. They have an easier time than vegans do when buying food. Many products are labelled suitable for vegetarians. Vegetarians help animals by not eating them. Vegans go one step further in helping animals because they do not drink milk. The dairy industry is quite cruel in taking milk to humans. Many thousand male calfs go to the meat industry. The female calfs are kept for the milk industry. Pigs are killed for meat. So are many other animals and fish killed for humans to eat. Many vegans buy shoes that are not made from leather. So being vegan or vegetarian is a great help to animals. A diet that has much fruit and vegetables is a healthy one. It is possible for vegans to have soya drinks, oat or rice milks instead of cow's milk.