If you are your own worst critic, why bother to fish for compliments?

Does this computer monitor make me look fat? - Sometimes you just have one of those days when you can't find anything to flatter your figure!
@kbkbooks (7028)
September 29, 2007 7:30pm CST
The question is always a loaded one: "Do I need to fix my makeup?" or "My hair looks ok, right?" You already know the answer and your don't like it. You already know you are going to continue to feel self critical no matter what answer you get from your mate or friend. So why bother to ask? Why ask your boyfriend if your dress makes you look like an elephant? If it does, then why did you buy it?I think this is more true of women than men. One seldom hears a man asking this type of question!By the way, Does this computer monitor make me look fat?
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@casablynn (150)
• United States
30 Sep 07
I ask because I know my boyfriend knows the correct answer is to say, No babe you look great or Yes dear that shirt looks great with those pants, and then I will feel good even if I know he might be lying.
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@kbkbooks (7028)
• Canada
30 Sep 07
If you know he's lying then you know you don't really look that good, so you are still being self critical...