How long can your house stay cleaned with kids? Any suggestions.

United States
September 29, 2007 9:37pm CST
I'm forever cleaning. I swear it stays clean about 1/2 and then I could go back and clean again. My kids do help out but seems to make alot of messes. I need to be more organized to keep everything where it goes. Any suggestion on storage for kids?
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@cherriemae (3373)
• Philippines
30 Sep 07
that's also my problem friend..if you have kids in the house, after i clean the house then after a few minutes still there are lots of mess..i think we cant help that because children are very active and we can't control them..what i'm doing is i have a basket for her toys so that after she likes to play, it's easy for me to clean those mess.. also, i clean every after the mess she's not that easy but need to have lots of patients..
• Australia
30 Sep 07
Our house has to be clean before my husband walks in the door after work, so i normally just do the least i have to during the day, and confine the kids to their rooms where they are allowed to play with one box of their toys and i can tidy the entire house before my husband comes home or before visitors come. This has made me a more care free mummy and my kids can enjoy their toys without me stressing that the house is a mess. Giving kids a toy box or individual plastic locking crates means they can only pull one box out at a time and leaves not much mess to clean up, and it can be contained to one area.
@mamasan34 (6520)
• United States
30 Sep 07
When my daughter was younger, it was not the easiest to keep clean lol. She was forever bringing her toys into rooms and dumping them there, then getting more and then repeating. Dishes were always dirty, constant with the bottles, the sippee cups, teething rings, pacifiers, boiling nipples and sanitizing everything. Now she is older and it isn't so hard to keep up now. Her room on the other hand....well, that's another story altogether lol! They have those colorful storage bins with the racks that you can use for toys and other miscellaneous items. My friends daughter has one and it helps bunches! Also, you could invest in one of those closet organizing kits, those are pretty good too. I also like those rolling rubbermaid bins that fit under the bed. Those are fantastic!