How many C-Sections is to many ?

United States
September 29, 2007 11:06pm CST
It is crazy, I hear some women saying that the Dr. told them they can only have 2 C-Sections, but the funny thing is I am able to tell them that their Dr. is crazy because I had 7 thats right 7 C-Sections and the Dr. told me if I want more children go for it. I felt that my body had a hard time with the 7th I had a hard time tolerating the C-Section so I said no more I can't do it anymore. That is alot on a womans body and the funny part is all 7 were cut bikini cut ! No my stomach doesn't look like a railroad you can't even tell I was cut 7 times.
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@gabs8513 (48703)
• United Kingdom
30 Sep 07
Well I personally think it depends on the individual Person how strong they are and how healthy they are I am lucky I had both mine by natural Birth but I do not believe that a Doctor can say that as each Person is different
• United States
30 Sep 07
Yes each person is different, however alot of Dr.s think that 1 C-Section across, and 1 down some say that it is dangerous because the more you have the lining gets thinner and the scar tissue gets thicker !
@rhed07 (23)
• Philippines
2 Oct 07
I have 2 kids and both were from a normal delivery....I couldn't imagine myself having a C-section, let alone 7!!! You go girl! :)
@wiccania (3360)
• United States
2 Oct 07
I had a C-section. Just one, but the scar is very low (I assume it was a bikini cut) and so small I can barely find it. I'd bet that in a few years it'll be gone unless I have another. I know my aunt had 3, but that was 25 years ago. So she's got one big scar between her belly button and her bikini line from her first. For her second, they did a vertical cut from just below the belly button down 4 or 5 inches and for the third they cut along her bikini area. The first two scarred badly. The third one didn't as far as I know. I've never heard that you could only have a certain amount of C-sections. I think it's more a matter of what your body can handle.