September 30, 2007 1:37am CST
I had been trying to get my friend Mike-a rock'n roll fan-interested in classical music. When I offered to purchase tickets to a Mozart festival, he willingly agreed to accompany me and seemed to enjoy the symphony. After the concert, I mentioned how Mozart's music moved me. "At times, I can almost hear his voice in his music and I feel as though he's talking to me," I said. Mike nodded his head in solemn agreement. "Yes," he said. "I know what you mean." Feeling very pleased that I had made a "convert"; I asked what he felt the music was saying to him. He replied, " It said'go to sleep,Michael. Go to sleep. When I was a pupil, I have a mistaken identity. And everybody laughted at me. Dear friends, have you been in the sort of predicament? Haha~ :)
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