Korean Made Nokia

September 30, 2007 4:55am CST
Hi to all... What is your opinoin to buy Korean made nokia mobiles.... its avail in cheap rates... what you are all think its worthy or not?
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• Saudi Arabia
4 Dec 08
no good korian maid nokia mobile
• Philippines
4 Oct 07
I think Korean made cellphones are okay. Samsung is one of a known brand that is basically came from Korea and the quality of their products are all okay. So I don't think that Korean made Nokia are less quality than other manufacturer.
@farazkh1 (1155)
• Pakistan
3 Oct 07
Not sure,because i never bought one yet,but hopefully it will be great,because korea is good in technology .........I will definitely buy one soon if it will be available in my country ...
@a_ce_e (1423)
• Philippines
30 Sep 07
Korean made nokia mobile phones with cheap rates, those might be the old models wherein in different countries are selling at lower prices after a year. Nokia phones has their standard prices no matter where you go. One country i know having cheap mobile phones is Hongkong, because the tax is low also. I am not sure in korea, as what i think of korea is one of expensive country too and if ever you can say those nokia phones made in korea where cheap compared in other country and the variance of price is far, i guess those might be pirated one.
@meemingNEW (2226)
• Philippines
30 Sep 07
No. Not at all. I won't even considering buying those Korean made Nokia phones. The best Nokia phones to buy are those that are made originally in Finland. Nokia started in Finland... they know their products and it assures buyers of a good performance phone such as original nokia phones. Also, when I saw the word "cheap".. definitely a no-no. If they are selling nokia phones in cheap prices, then most definitely they are just counterfeit, imitations or whatever. To make sure that you have bought a good and lasting phone, don't cry to buy them at cheap prices because it definitely won't last long .. as what I have experienced. Best of luck to you!