The cost of healthier foods

@angemac23 (2004)
September 30, 2007 5:29am CST
Last night I got my groceries for the week and the bill came to 198 dollars! I know it's because I am a new doctor recommended diet and I have to buy healtheir foods. There is an isle in my grocery store full of organic foods with healthier ingredients and other nice stuff, bue the thing is is every item is double what I used to pay for less healthier stuff! I'm jsut wondering what everyones take is on this? Is there some sort of scam going on here? I thought the government wanted people to be healthier, so why are they not regulating the price of this stuff. It's ridiculous. Most people can't afford the healthier stuff, so they buy the stuff with all the unhealthy ingredients in it. Is this a plot to keep people sick so they spend more money on drugs and healthcare? I dont feel Im being paranoid on this one. There must be something going on. There is no reason that healthy foods should be as expensive as they are. Just wondering what everyone elses ideas are on the subject.
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