Train Tracks

United States
September 30, 2007 11:28am CST
I had this crazy dream that made me want to start this discussion. Have any of you known someone who got their car stuck on some train tracks before? How did they get stuck? Did they get their car out before it got hit by a train?
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@violeta_va (4832)
• Australia
30 Sep 07
train tracks - train tracks photo taken from inside the train
Me, my father and my son had a close call once. My father was driving on this road and there were trafic lights about 100 m infront we were behind the tracks so when the green light turned all the cars started moving but as the first few started crosing the intersection this car from the oposide side smashed ito one of the cars so we found our self in mid mid of the tracks. so there we are unable to move when we see the train lucky this man on a bike saw it and drove to the front and told them to move (the train was a good 500m away) and when we first saw it and it wasnt driving fast as the train station is something like 200 m from where we were. so it all ended well for us.