Hard Work V/s Luck

@brijlesh (273)
October 1, 2007 6:16pm CST
Few times i feeing that i am very lucky and few times i feel that i am very unlucky person in the world. Few years ago i do very hard work, but i cann't get resultant according to work, in that cases i feel that i am very unlucky. and at this time i feel better than last few years. So, I think luck having more priority than work.what you think on this topic?
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• Philippines
8 Oct 07
hi my friend i think you are lucky becouse you have work, there are many people trying hard but they dont have work specially in m y country, i think luck will come if you work for it and always find alternative, never stop striving, goodluck my friend.
• Canada
1 Oct 07
Sorry to hear that you feel you are unlucky...but I see things differently than you do my friend. In my view we make our own luck. Having a negative attitude creates negative results. Anyone who has achieved success in any venture knows it takes a lot of hard work, perseverance, commitment and a willingness to keep picking ourselves up every time we are knocked down. I have found that success is...getting up one more time...and keeping on until we get it right. I am a life coach, writer and group leader and work with people until they understand that the best way to escape from a problem...is to solve it. The mind and our thoughts are the builder of our outer experiences...so if you keep telling yourself you are unlucky you will probably keep attracting 'unlucky' events into your life. In all honesty...if at first you don't succeed...you are about average with the rest of us. It is a proven fact that people move towards what they picture in their minds...hopefully if you begin to picture yourself as a lucky person who has every chance of success when your find your passion...and make it happen..things will change. So in a nutshell I do not think anyone will ever have enough luck to make anything worthwhile happen without setting realistic goals and working until they achieve them. Donald Trump isn't 'lucky' he make his own luck by working hard for many years to be where he is today. He raised his kids with the same work ethic..as did Bill Gates and most other seemingly 'lucky' people. We always ask people in our workshops..if you don't change your beliefs your life might be like this forever. Is this good news? The choice is always ours to make. So that is it for me on this one.. Cherri o Raia