Having a TR Baby!

United States
October 1, 2007 11:51pm CST
I am interested if there is anyone on Mylot that has had tubal reversal surgery. I am looking into having a tubal reversal surgery. I have two girls and after my second child i was so confused and stressed that i agreed with my husband to get my tubes tied. I am 33, so do you really think that is too old to be having more kids. At first, my husband didn't want to hear of it, and now since we prayed about it and we've been talking about it, he wants me to do what i think is best and he said he is in for the long haul, that if God put it into our hearts to have another baby, that we will. So if i get the tubal reversal surgery done, we'll have a 75% chance to have a TR baby. Have you had a TR baby and did you research it with Dr. Berger in North Carolina at Chapel Hill?
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