Do you steal your friend's stuff for money?

October 2, 2007 12:12am CST
I stole my friend's cellphone just to earn money. He wasn't such a very nice person to me at that time because he's been so bossy. He treated me like I'm his maid or something. I hated it! I hated him! In time, I got the chance to snatch his phone from him secretly. Of course, he panicked because that phone was very expensive. I didn't feel a single pain in my heart. I didn't have conscience at that time because I anger clouded my better judgement. Then I went to the mall and sold his phone. And so I got a bunch of money with me! I treated my family with food and other goods, bought myself some school stuff. I didn't have to ask my muther money for those stuff. I just lied to her and told her that a friend of mine bought those stuff for me because we met at the mall and he decided to treat me. And my muther bought that stupid story... I'm glad I did that. That was for my friend who treated me like dirt. I was happy he was hammered by his parents.
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@laylomo (166)
• United States
2 Oct 07
Is that really justified? I mean, what you committed was theft, which is punishable by law. He's not really your friend is you're willing to do that to him. I'm sure whatever the issue is, you should work it out without resorting to illegal activities.
• Philippines
2 Oct 07
It think that is. I choose my rules. And that goes with my rules of morality and immorality. He did me wrong, I do the same thing. All should be equal.