@isaiah12 (418)
United States
October 2, 2007 5:43am CST
I know they say you dream all the time. But I usually do not remember dreaming. The last few days have been real hard at work and last night I think I was over tired. I had this weird dream of someone famous asking me to marry him. Of course the alarm went off before I could answer. Do you usually have weird dreams when you are over tired?
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• Philippines
2 Oct 07
weird dreams are common when we are too tired from a day's demanding work. the one you had complemented you by giving you such a breather dream. it must have felt good when you woke up from such a good dream. yet, you feel so bad that the dream got interrupted in the middle. it would have felt better when you had accepted the offer and then you were in the middle of making the beautiful marriage plans out when teh bell rang. i know what you went through. i had this one dream which i will not forget. it involved teh man whom i love the most by then. before anything more significant took place, like the i love you's, i was awakened.